This mod is represented to be a facelifted US-version of the rare L7 version of an E38 chassis from model year 2001. 
Unfortunately, no L7 was officially sold in the states, so this is the chance… 
Surprisingly lot was still to do to achieve OEM-look, I decided to go the extra mile and make 2 separate versions, which I spec down below. 
Mod should have all the basic features of the game. I am not aware of any obvious bug apart from problems with bullet reactions (as all my mods do). 



Chromeline, factory black trim, orange indicators.

Style 61 rim, 4:3 navigation, 4-spoke steering wheel w/trim.

Primary leather trim, carpet. [PAINT:2]

Secondary leather trim, ceiling, seat belts. [PAINT:6]

Interior trim. [PAINT:7]

Factory extras including front license plate.


Shadowline, bodypaint-trim, clear indicators.

Style 37 rim, 16:9 navigation, 3-spoke bicolor steering wheel.

Primary leather trim. [PAINT:2]

Ceiling [PAINT:6]

Carpet, seat belts, seat piping. [PAINT:7]

Factory extras including front license plate.


  • v2.0

– big update. 2 separate versions. Vehiclelayouts bug fixed..

  • v1.0

– initial release.


If this is your first time to install a car mod in GTAV, then please read this: (especially 3.paragraph).

Or read more the “readme.txt” in the archive




Let me know your thought 🙂

Link Download :