Download BMW Rims Pack [Add-On] – Screenshots and Description:

BMW Rims Pack [Add-On]

MW Rims Pack

This modification adds some rims from BMW factory selection. All rims are resemblances and are not actually connected with BMW Ag. and/or its counterparts!
Quality-wise, rims do vary a lot. My main goal was not to convert only latest-gen game-ready rims, but rims, which have stood the time to be called “Legendary”.
Some rims are not completely OEM-logic as they may be slightly bigger/wider, than were initially offered.

Contains following resemblances:
– Cross Spoke Style 5
– Throwing Star Spoke Style 21 (M-System II)
– Parallel Spoke Style 37 (M)
– Radial Spoke Style 61
– Star Spoke Style 95
– Ellipsoid Spoke Style 121
– Spider Spoke Style 128
– V-Spoke Style 152 (Individual)
– Radial Spoke Style 166 (M)
– Double Spoke Style 167 (M)
– V-Spoke Style 168
– Spider Spoke Style 175
– Y-Spoke Style 214

Some rims feature multiple versions. Total number of playable rims is higher. All rims are correctly named and dirtmapped (although dirt is not seen very well). I included information about applications in labels (while selecting), so You always know, for which chassis was Your favourite rim initially offered ??

I can personally spawn, tweak and play with all included rims without any problem. I have received some feedback about random crashes.
You are welcome to leave feedback, if You experience crashes.

Recommended mods:
Vstancer by ikt
BMW Rims Pack by baba0rum

1. Put folder “bmwrimspack” into mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. Open “dlclist.xml” in update/update.rpf/common/data
3. Add line into the list:
4. Save and put back inside update/update.rpf/common/data
5. Play the game. Rims might appear under SUV subcategory.


Source Models Credits: David X., Turn10, Slightly Mad Studios, Tibur Dzuro, Archer, lazlow555.
Additional Work, Adaptation into GTA V: HRH
Selected Screenshots, Feedback: ReNNie

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