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BMW X5 Generic Armed Response Vehicle, Not based on any force at all, can be used either story mode or fivem! Replace is set, Addon can be done, but you need to do your own metas
For the draws, you’ll need a menu that allows you to use Extra 11 and 12 (I recommend Lambda menu) if the draws closes immediately, put the els included, if you have a custom, Disable Extra 11 and Extra 12 to false.


Model – Jake Skinner (Squir)
Model Lowered – Will Mason
Model Fixes – James Radley
Model Converted – Matty Asquith
Model Textures – Matty Asquith
Model Given by: T.Glover
Setup: SteelyDan
Lightbar and ion: J.Radley
Boot Equipment: D.Pease
Skin: SteelyDan
Screenshots: Josh Wands

The Boot opens as 1, It normally splits, but it was done like this, if a fix comes where it does, this will be updated!
ELS File has been included, This will work with the gunlocker, as Extra 11 and 12 controls the draws for the gun locker, if you make this an addon, just rename the ELS file to whatever your needs





Attention: This model will not be updated anymore further, i’m axing this model as its too much to fix and fixed alot of it already, The model will stay up but wont be updated unless in the near future i get a fixed version etc, Apologies but i’ve wasted too much time fixing this and wont be doing it anymore as not got the time etc.

Link Download :