Download Bodyguard Menu [.NET] 1.31 – Screenshots and Description:

Bodyguard Mod 1.2

Place BodyGuardMod.dll into your scripts folder. You will also need NativeUI and ScriptHookVDotNet

Open menu = B (Editable in the .INI File)
v1.2 Open menu = X

Bodyguard menu will allow you to Hire 4 different types of guards to protect you for life, in price order they are: Normal, Armoured, Swat and Marine. They all have different weapons and driveby weapons and will follow you and get in vehicles with you. In the menu, there is a section to hire vehicles as well. In price order they are: Schafter (armored), Dubsta, Baller (armored) and 2 Insurgents. The prices are editable in the .INI file.

You can only spawn 7 bodyguards at one time if you have any more than the extra ones will still protect you but they won’t follow you.

-Subtitles now appear
-Prevented player from being charged when already having zero wanted level
-Added blips for bodyguards
-Added disband command

-Added option to change Health of bodyguards
-Added option to add custom bodyguards and change model/weapon
-Added option to add custom vehicles and change model
-Added bodyguard commands menu
-Added remove wanted level command



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