This is the evolution of my previus mod, I was want a mod of bodyguards with vehicles, weapons, peds and many commands; for that razon in this mod I added all functions that I always wanted; is not perfect but I hope you like it as much as I like it.

Bodyguard Squads 1.1 – script mod for GTA 5 that adds to the game a lot of opportunities. Its main functionality is the addition of the thugs bodyguards for the main character. Besides the main function – protection – they can always follow the hero, to take part in deathmatches, races, armed conflict with hostile gangs. You can choose which car you travel along with your team, as well as what weapons you will use. And this is not the only possible fashion. All of the configuration settings you can find in the ini file.

Feautures :

  • Choose their weapon, vehicle and model!
  • Complete driving abilities, from escorting you to chasing who you want them to. They can even attach trailers to their truck, or other vehicles to their towtruck!
  • Complete heli flying abilities, including rappeling, landing, and hooking vehicles with the Cargobob!
  • Make them cooperate, kill eachother or go after you!
  • Command them in combat, setting their priority targets!
  • Tweak their behavior to your likings!
  • Do races with them!
  • Enter their vehicle as passenger [Space] let them drive for you!


To set up a race, set a waypoint on your map, where the first control point should be. Then, click on the Add Waypoint option inside the new Race Commands submenu. You will see there is now a white blip on the map.
Repeat for the following race waypoints, being the last one the finish line. It should look like this.
Guide the squad(s) to where you want to start the race and click on Start race, they will drive through each race waypoint and stop at the last one.

Custom relationships with other RelationshipGroups:

You can now make the Squads hate certain relationshipgroups, like the cops or the Ballas. Check the Squad>Behavior>Relationships menu.
Here is a list with all the vanilla RelationshipGroups.

Setting up custom models for your squad:

1. Open the advanced_bodyguards.ini you will find in your scripts folder.
2. Find “CustomStyle1Name” and change the value (Mexicans) to the Faction name you want.
3. Change the values of all the CustomStyle1ModelX you will find below, providing a valid model name, like s_m_m_movalien_01, for example. Repeat the values if you don’t have enough model names to fill all four inputs.
Save the file and start the game.

Follow the same procedure with the second custom faction defined in the .ini.



How to install:

Boats and planes are not supported at the moment.

Extract the files into /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/.
Video Tutorial, thanks to 2Goodyy for making it!

How to use
Pressing Z will open the Guard Commands menu, letting you select wich squad you want to handle.

Press ALT to enter commands mode. Instead of shooting, you will issue commands until you exit the mode pressing ALT again.

The commands you can issue depend on the Squad Leader’s situation. Here’s a list of currently supported commands and situations:

Squad is on foot

Aim+click at ground = Run there
Aim+click at a ped = Attack him
Aim+click at a vehicle = Enter that vehicle

Squad is on vehicle:

Aim+click at ground = Drive there
Aim+click at a ped = Attack him from vehicle
Aim+click at other vehicle = Chase that vehicle
Aim+click at other squads’ vehicle = escort that vehicle
Aim+click at their own vehicle = Leave the vehicle

Latest versions feature orders issued from the menu, allowing you to manage them while they’re doing stuff.

Download Links:

 1.1 [MAY 2018] (current) :