BonitoV is a graphic mod for GTA5 that enhances the game’s visuals using mostly in-game files. To install the mod, users need to put the files in the correct order using openV. This mod requires ASI loader and offers improvements in reflections, color, and real night lighting. It has minimal impact on fps. The mod is credited to Nixtorrasch and has a rating of 2/5 with 3 votes. The file size of BonitoV 1.0 is 202232 MB. It falls under the categories of Environment Config and Graphics.

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BonitoV V1.0 Beta

BonitoV V1.0 Beta

BonitoV is a graphic mod that improves the visual experience of GTA5, totally natural and using mostly game files.
installation is simple, just put the files in the order listed using openV
This mod obviously requires ASI loader.
Little loss of fps, improvements in reflections and color, real night lighting.



2/5 – (3 votes)

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File File size
BonitoV 1.0 2022
32 MB

Tagged Environment Config, Graphics

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BonitoV V1.0 Beta
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You are currently viewing the content of BonitoV V1.0 Beta Gta V Mod on the
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