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1.1 Changelog:
– Renamed to avoid conflict with “gauntlet4” from Diamond Casino DLC
1.0 Changelog:
– Fixed wheel-width
– Tinted taillights
– Added angel-eyes (Extra #1)
– Added vented performance hood
– Added front lip (Extra #2)
– Front license plate is optional now (Extra #4)
– Changed sound
– Added new black-coated wheels
– Faster handling


– Supports all features of the game (LOD, breaking glass, dirt, burnt texture etc.)


1. Drop the algogauntlet5 folder into your GTA Vupdatex64dlcpacks folder (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE OpenIV’s mods FOLDER!!)
2. Add the line pasted below into your GTA Vupdateupdate.rpfcommondatadlclist.xml file (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE OpenIV’s mods FOLDER!!)
3. The car spawns ingame as ‘gauntlet5’

Or you can see the readme.txt in the archive




The mods are really great and cool. Will you also subscribed and follow this site ? 🙂

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