I made a customized 2019 Bugatti Chiron Sport 1080p wallpaper!
i’ve heavy graphics mods and regular mods!

The new Bugatti Chiron Sport comes with a number of improvements to the chassis, but the engine remains the same as the Chiron, so the performance is almost the same.Bugatti made changes in a department where they needed serious improvements: the handlling. One of the modifications which make the Chiron Sport more nimble is a weight reduction of about 18 kg, thanks to the use of new lightweight parts.

Feautures :

– Livery from Asphalt 9
– New leather texture
– Improved handling (Addon) (240-261 mph top speed can be reached with full LSC performance upgrade)
– New glass texture without greenish effect
– Improved carpet mapping
– Improved tire spec map
– Improved calipers mapping


Mod Showcase:


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 5.0 (current) : Bugatti Chiron Sport