This post is about a California-themed ReShade preset for the game QuantV. The author provides instructions on how to install the preset and adjusts the settings for optimal performance based on the user’s PC. The post also includes a download link for the preset, which is 36 KB in size. The post is tagged under “Graphics.”

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‘California’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL

'California' ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL

Make sure you have QuantV and reshade first.

Put the preset into your game floder,then use reshade to choose my preset.

enbserise.ini :
Quality=2 (low pc=2 ; high pc=0 ; very high pc=-2)

enbbloom.fx : Bloom:: Intensity=0.025

enbeffectpostpass.fx : Sharpen Day=0
Sharpen Night=0
RainDrops:: Amount=0.5
RainDrops:: Intensity=0.75
RainDrops:: Scale=1.5
RainDrops:: Speed=0.5
RainDrops:: Force Enable=false

intlightsprite.fx : INTLIGHTSPRITE.FX

enblightsprite.fx : ENBLIGHTSPRITE.FX

enbadaptation.fx : ENBADAPTATION.FX



Download mod

File File size
SamirF03 California ReShade Preset For QuantV
36 KB

Tagged Graphics

Unfortunately, without more specific information about the other 5 mods you are referring to, it is not possible to provide a direct comparison with the ‘California’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL Mod. However, I can offer a general comparison of ReShade presets to help you understand their potential differences.

ReShade presets, like the ‘California’ preset, are mod files that enhance the visual aesthetics of a game by applying various post-processing effects like color correction, sharpening, depth of field, and more. These presets are often created by different individuals or teams, and each modder brings their unique vision and preferences into their work.

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When comparing ReShade presets, there are a few factors you can consider:

1. Visual Style: Each ReShade preset is designed to achieve a specific visual style, whether it’s a realistic look, a cinematic feel, or a stylized artistic approach. The ‘California’ preset, for example, might focus on warm tones and sun-drenched environments. Comparing presets can help you find the one that aligns with your preferred visual style.

2. Performance Impact: ReShade presets can have varying performance impacts on your game. Some presets may have more resource-intensive effects or settings, which can reduce your FPS (frames per second) or introduce potential compatibility issues. It’s important to check reviews or comments from other users to see if any performance issues are reported for a specific preset.

3. Customizability: ReShade presets often offer customization options, allowing users to tweak settings within the preset to suit their preferences. Some presets may have more extensive customization options, giving you more control over the final look. You can compare the level of customizability between different presets to see which one fits your needs.

4. Compatibility: ReShade presets are typically designed to work with specific games or game versions. It’s crucial to ensure that the preset you choose is compatible with the game you want to apply it to. Additionally, some presets may require specific dependencies or additional mods to function properly, so checking compatibility requirements is essential.

To make a more accurate and specific comparison between the ‘California’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL Mod and other mods, it would be helpful to know the names or details of the other mods you are referring to.
‘California’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL
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You are currently viewing the content of ‘California’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL Gta V Mod on the
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