This content is about a mod for the video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) that adds a feature where male characters catcall female characters. In GTA 4, the female characters respond by destroying the male characters with a funny response. However, in GTA 5, the female characters don’t respond at all. This mod adds a response for the female characters, so players can hear funny lines when walking around the game. The mod also allows players to respond or say these lines themselves. The mod can be installed by pasting the file to a specific folder in the game.

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Catcalling (IV feature) 1.1

Catcalling (IV feature) 1.1

In GTA 4, male NPC’s will catcall on female NPC’s ending with the female NPC destroying them with a funny response.
In GTA 5, this feature is also in the game, but the female NPC will say nothing back.
This mod adds in a response so now you can hear some funny lines when walking around LS.

You can actually say or respond to these lines yourself! You just need to have a NPC voice to have that work. Just press right on the D-Pad or whatever key is for interaction.

INSTALLATION: Paste the file to “mods/common.rpf/data/ai”.
After that, just save and enter ingame.

1.0: Release
1.1: MP Character support, now you can respond or say these lines with your MP Character!

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When comparing Table Catcalling (IV feature) 1.1 Mod with other similar mods, it’s important to consider various aspects such as features, compatibility, performance, support, and overall user experience. Here is a comparison with five other mods:

1. Street Harassment Mod: This mod aims to address the issue of street harassment in the game, similar to Table Catcalling. It offers features such as realistic NPC behavior and reactions towards the player’s character. However, Table Catcalling may have more advanced features and settings for customization.

2. Respectful City Mod: This mod focuses on creating a more respectful and inclusive game experience by eliminating or minimizing instances of catcalling and harassment. It may provide a different approach to tackling the issue compared to Table Catcalling.

3. Gender Equality Mod: This mod addresses gender inequality and discrimination in the game. While it may touch on issues related to harassment, it might not specifically tackle catcalling as Table Catcalling does. The features and approach might differ significantly.

4. Community Behavior Overhaul: This mod aims to enhance the overall behavior and interactions of NPCs in the game. While it may not specifically target catcalling, it could have an impact on reducing such behavior indirectly by improving the overall social dynamics of the game world.

5. NPC AI Enhancement Mod: This mod enhances the artificial intelligence of non-player characters, potentially leading to more realistic behaviors and interactions. While it may not have catcalling-specific features like Table Catcalling, it could still influence overall NPC behavior, potentially reducing instances of harassment.

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Ultimately, the choice of mod depends on personal preference and the specific aspects of catcalling or harassment one wishes to address in the game. It’s important to read user reviews, consider compatibility with other mods, and ensure adequate support and updates for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.
Catcalling (IV feature) 1.1
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