Download Cayo Perico Map Add-on V3 – Screenshots and Description:

Cayo Perico Map Add-on V3

Cayo Perico add-on V3 for GTA 5 by elcreador.
Add-on map
Added other Cayo Perico map version placed more at north, with traffic.
Two maps versions:
Cayo Perico South (original position)
Cayo Perico North (new version with traffic, no navmeshes yet)

I have converted the files from Cayo Perico map heist in an add-on for single player and i have updated the Liberty city V.01 and Liberty cry (Liberty city V1.01 + vice cry) for give compatibility with these maps.
If you want to play it with Liberty city , vice cry or all together, you should download the latest versions.
You can find them in this web like
Liberty city V remix


-GTA 5 game with last update.
–scripthook (last version)
–gameconfig.xml for the last update.






Download mod

File File size

rarCAYO PERICO gta v

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