Download Chainsaw [WIP] 1.5 – Screenshots and Description:

Chainsaw [WIP] 1.5

Special thanks to @Jridah and @420×420 for making this, and all my other weapon mods possible.

Updated 7/22/2017
Version 1.5 Includes a much better add on version by Claude_111, the original version with Fdup minigun attack animations is still in the download.
Add on version can be bought from Ammu-Nation or spawned with a trainer by name. Spawn name is weapon_chainsaw When purchasing in Ammu-Nation it will look like a minigun until you zoom in on it.

Updated 6/26/2017
Changed a couple of flags in the meta so you can now run with the weapon and lock onto targets as well. Special thanks to Claude_111 for the idea.

This is just a step in the right direction, posted as proof of concept. Actually using the thing can be kind of frustrating until you get the hang of it. Best to use it on a lone unsuspecting victim or a small crowd of slow moving zombies.

Model replaces the Minigun and I’ve included a weapons.meta that reduces the range and damage to roughly the extent of a chainsaw bar. Obviously the sound and many other aspects of this mod need work. Feel free to lend a hand or do an even better job based on the same idea.

Model is from the game Devil’s Third Online.

Installation instructions are included in the readme.

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