Download Charizard + Animated Wings [Addon-Ped] 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Charizard + Animated Wings [Addon-Ped] 1.1

?Charizard + Animated Wings [Addon-Ped] V1.1?

Gotta catch em all!
This addon is made for the animated wing script.
The wings flap when u fly.

Charizard Addon Ped
Charizard Wings Addon Ped

??Installation Charizard:

Install Charizard[Addon Ped] as streamed ped with addonpeds.
Install Charizard Wings[Addon Ped] with addonpeds.
Place charizardwings.ini in the main directory of GTA.
Add charizardwings to Modelname(self)in wings.ini(animated wings script)


Addon Peds
Animated wings script

??Update 1.1:

Wing color fixed from orange to blue.


Charizard Model: Mstfa
Wings Retexture: SilkTeam

Download mod

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rarCharizard + Wings

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