It’s hard to believe that GTA 5 came out back in 2013. And the game hasn’t even slowed down since its release. As one of the best-selling games out there, you can expect that it has more than a few fans and why wouldn’t it. Not only is GTA known for its irreverent humor and awesome gameplay, but Rockstar is also known to throw in some cheat codes to help players out during the game.

Since GTA 5 came out back in 2013, you can bet your bottom dollar that players have it for the old systems and still play it. In this article, we’ll talk about our favorite cheats for GTA 5 on PS3. Unlike the other versions of the game, these inputs are all on the controller. That means you’ll need to learn some button combinations to get these to work. Here are some of our favorite cheats for GTA 5 on PS3. 

No collection of codes would be complete without an invincibility codes and that is Right, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Left, X, Triangle on the PS3 controller. If you’d like to recharge your weapons and abilities, you can use X X ■ R1 L1 X → ← X. The fuzz a little too tight on your tail? You can use R1 R1 O R2 → ← → ← → ← to lower your wanted level. Similarly you can use R1 R1 O R2 ← → ← → ← → to raise it. Make your punches pack some extra force with the explosive punch code at → ← X ▲ R1 O O O L2 and even add some to your ammunition with → ■ X ← R1 R2 ← → → L1 L1 L1. If that’s not really your thing, you can just use flaming bullets with L1 R1 ■ R1 ← R2 R1 ← ■ → L1 L1. 

Want to get away quickly but don’t have a car or aircraft to help you do that? You can give yourself super speed with ▲ ← → → L2 L1 ■ and speed swimming with ← ← L1 → → R2 ← L2 →. You can also shift up the gravity so that everything is floaty like on the moon with ← ← L1 R1 L1 → ← L1 ← or just keep things slippery on the ground with ▲ R1 R1 ← R1 L1 R2 L1. If you want to take your god-like abilities even further, you can change the weather using R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 ■ or slow down time using ▲ ← → → ■ R2 R1. Fans of Max Payne that want to bring that style of action gameplay into their GTA can do so with this cheat for GTA 5 on PS3 that enables bullet time: ■ L2 R1 ▲ ← ■ L2 → X. 

Codes to change weather and time in GTA 5

Naturally, this isn’t all of the cheats for GTA 5 on PS3 but they are some of the most popular and should help you get through pretty much anything the game throws at you.