Download Chest Rig [5 Variants] [EUP] 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Chest Rig [5 Variants] [EUP] 1.1

This is a Chest Rig for MP EUP. 5 Variants included. Enjoy


1.0, First release, one variant of the rig
1.1, 4 new variants released, & original improved.

Install instructions are noted in the download and should be a simple drag and drop eup replace for singleplayer. This should also work for fivem. If you need help converting it to fivem or help getting it in singleplayer support can be listed here in the comments or in our discord. If running on a FiveM server you are required a key for the EUP to work!

Currently it is only in a Multicam variant but you may feel free to have a go at making it other colours. But if you decide to make more colours for it please inform me if you would like to upload the files.



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