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LukasR, Simmons 3D, ESilva, Marcos Redugelo

GodAlucard e Gavron 3D

Farda ROTA: Morrice

*** Copy the contents of the vehicles.txt file to the path:
Mods – update – update.rpf – common – data – levels – gta5 – vehicles.meta (search and replace the contents of POLICEOLD1 inside the file)
*** For correct rotation and coloring of the siren, copy the files carcols.ymt and carvariations.ymt, to the path (make a backup before):
Mods – update – update.rpf – x64 – data (Drag and drop)
** Take the vehicle files (policeold1.yft, policeold1_hi.yft, policeold1.ytd) in the Chevrolet Blazer ROTA folder, and move them to the following directory in your mods folder:
Mods – X64e.rpf – levels – gta5 – vehicles.rpf (Drag and drop)
** If it does not work try the other way:
Mods – Update – x64 – DlcPacks – Patchday17ng – dlc.rpf – x64 – levels – gta5 – vehicles.rpf (Drag and drop)




Hope you like it 🙂

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1567880854