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Child [Add-On]


This was released on my Patreon 3 days before this, so big thanks to all of my Patreon Supporters! This is being released because people have been asking for this and I need more exposure, this will not happen that often, this will only happen once a month.

Please note that this is one of about 15 children I’ve done for GTA V, but I can’t release none of those due to a disclosure agreement I’ve done with a secret person that doesn’t want to be publicly named.

Please note that this is a very controversial subject in all GTA games and could very well determine your YouTube status and could lead to some Rockstar Games attacks haha, so the way you use this mod is totally up TO THE USER and I’m in NO WAY involved in that, people here only support my rigging work.

What I will of course ask of you guys is that you credit my YouTube channel in any videos you make with this mod, we will all be getting tons and tons of people and a huge spotlight on our heads haha.


Use this mod to use my PEDS as Add-Ons

Or Replace any Ped you want just rename the files to whatever ped you want to replace “example:ig_bankman”



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rarChild By Quechus13

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