Download Classic Cars Pack [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Classic Cars Pack [Add-On] 1.0

Classic Cars Pack (57 Vehicles)

**57 Vehicles in this Car Pack**

*For factory spawn colours use Classic Car Colours [Add-On]*

Installation instructions:

1)Install this gameconfig to avoid crashes = Gameconfig By F7YO
2)Also Install these two = Packfile Limit Adjuster & Heap Limit Adjuster
Installation for ADD-ON method:

1. copy the folder “greenaid” in modsupdatex64dlcpacks
2.Edit “dlclist” in modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata:
and add this line “dlcpacks:greenaid” and save.
3.Use Simple Trainer to spawn the cars so you dont have to manually add car names and spwan id,
simple trainer will automatically list all the vehicles in the Added Cars Section.

*Check the Readme for the List of Cars in this pack.*


Author of all the models = GreenAid
Special Thanks to all the co-authors/modders who were involved = OhiOcinu,TheTacoPoPo,ArlanEdwards,Zievs,Woofi,MindFuck,OhDeer,skyrix,Sam1970,PacoM,GROSS,Mike_94,Wanted188,Staghound,StratumX,nik28,brendan62,BKDeath2012,ADR,MadDriver,SANtexnik,AlexanderLB,TheSecretPower,AMV8,RUSH,Carface80,MADMAX,Determined,Gamer,Gabester,brendan62,lazlow555,P677112,solo,123abc,Monkeypolice188,Hippypunk,Durzo,Chezy,stratumx,Gerlach,AlexSS,Sabbath,Black,StratenSurf/533,|H|K|S|,Lucky,maddog666,viter,Hndsyrn,Ganjahouse,Esprit,_inbetweendays,Wildcat &Pumbars,Lozano,TarteXs,Mr.Poher.
Liverys & Dirt on some Models By = ReNNie
Screenshots are by = HarvinoiiD

*Sorry if i missed some names, its really hard for me to mention all of them*

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