Do you still remember the crazy story in 1985 when an American black bear consumed $2 million worth of cocaine? Obviously, the bear was heavily overdosing. Not only the story has been adapted with a thriller movie coming this month, but also there will be a game title about this incredible incident. Let’s find out more about this game in the following post right here

The game’s first look is rather similar to the iconic Japanese game title, Pac-Man. You will play as a black bear that goes around, consumes cocaine and… human flesh. The more coke you take in, the faster you’ll get. Therefore, you are able to eat more people. Moreover, you need to avoid ambulances or else you will be slowed down. Obviously, cocaine users do not like such things like ambulances. Moreover, if you hit ghosts, you will also become a ghost yourself. Then, the bear will become a ghost which might rip people off violently and bite their necks until they bleed to death. This game is not recommended for people who are fond of violence and thriller stuff because everything about this game is about drugs and killing random individuals. 

This game is actually a part of the promotion for the movie itself. As scheduled, it will be released on February 24 which is only around 1 week to go. If you are looking for something thrilling, horrifying and bloody to see, you might want to consider this option. However, it is encouraged that the movie and also the video game are all fictional and made for entertainment purposes only. One should not try neither cocaine nor being a serial killer for your own good. 

Normally, we have seen many movie adaptations of well-known video games. The list is way too long to tell them all. However, some notable movie adaptations include Tomb Raider, Pac-Man: The Movie, Mortal Kombat, Sonic: the Hedgehog,… and so many more. However, releasing a game beforehand to promote the movie is not very common. Therefore, it is your chance right now to try out this simple-looking yet addicting game title right now before going to the cinema. You might easily get access to the game through your desktop browser or other mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. It’s completely free to play and you might want to share your high score to your friends and family members to compete. You might want to check out other games here. For more updated news, check out this website daily.