Download Colorful high waist pants for MP Female – Screenshots and Description:

Colorful high waist pants for MP Female

?? About this mod:
?? Replace pants #11
?? Low poly mesh
?? Custom rig
?? 25 colors (you need to find some other pants to replace to use all the colors or just use addon method. If you want to replace other pants – use the model with “r” in the model name and “whi” in the texture files names so skin on the ankles will adjust to your character skin colour.
?? It’s my first pants mod, so there might be minor bugs, please be kind ??

?? How to install on singleplayer:
1. Download and open OpenIV and turn on Edit mode
2. For hairstyle go to path: Grand Theft Auto Vx64v.rpfmodelscdimagesstreamedpeds_mp.rpfmp_f_freemode_01
3. Adjust files names how you want and drag and drop files!



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