Download Colt M4A1 (& M203) 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Colt M4A1 (& M203) 2.0

I also highly recommend you download Ripplers Realism, best mod out there.

Originally this was going to be a huge ass mod where you could modify basically every part of the gun. Don’t ask me how I got it to work ’cause that was back in mid ’16 and I forgot just about everything I did lol anyways there’s a lot of m4’s out there and some are really cool but I noticed that all of them seem so small and some have the normals wrong so I made one myself, I hope you guys like it, the m203 is pure aesthetic so don’t ask how to use the nades lmao.

Attachments fit the weapon accurately
Accurate muzzle flash
Rear sight folds when equipped with scope (like original weapon)
Accurate iron sights
Custom default, extended and drum mags
High quality textures (ARGB8)
Scaled textures for npc (memory optimization)
High quality model
Hands in place (m203 variant)

Update 2.0
Added folded iron sight option

Assets: Overkill Software, Tiggs (gamebanana) and Insurgency.

Replaces carbinerifle

Notes: The m203 reload anim in first person will look a little odd because the left hand placement also affects where he inserts the mag (with his left hand also).



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