Download Construction truck – Scania S730 [ELS | Replace / FiveM] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Construction truck - Scania S730 [ELS | Replace / FiveM] 1.0

A scania 730S with a crane, and a countainer on the back with a hkl attachment!
These vehicles are mostly seen in Europe, working on constructions sites or road maintance.

Basic GTA functions (doors, etc)
The container on the back is static. This means it is not moveable in any kind of way
The truck does not have any boot, or hood to open.

What the download includes
• Replace folder (For singleplayer use)
• FiveM folder (for FiveM use)
• ELS xlm
• Readme file with credits and information.

This truck was created for roleplay porpuses only. If you do use it in your roleplay server – send me pictures! Love too see it in action.
Unfortunately i accidentally deleted the template for it – if the interest is high enough, i’ll re-template it and include it in the download link.

Installation instructions
To install any kind of vehicles/or other mods – you’ll need Open iv.
in the downloaded files you’ll find a folder called Replace. This folder is if you’re going to play in singleplayer.

Replace the files from the ”Replace folder” to Grand Theft Auto Vmodsx64e.rpflevelsgta5vehicles.rpf with openIV.
This mod is also fiveM ready – which means that all you gotta do is place the folder named ”FiveM” into your resource folder. (You can rename it if you want to keep track of what model it is)


Original truck model, and Crane: ETS 2 (SCS software)
Parts and conversion: BooModding.

Download mod

File File size

zipBooModding Scania S730 NCC

68 MB