Download Coordinates Saver / Copier v1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Coordinates Saver / Copier v1.0

Well this is my first mod

This mod was made and has a purpose to make easier to modding, Help the modders to save coordinates and copy coordinates easily, some people have some trouble or getting mad with copying or saving coordinates and this mod will help you to make coordinates be arranged and easily to save, This mod will be usefully easier for people or modders to create their own scripts.

To use this script (default key, you can change it in .ini files) :
= Copy Coordinates (You can paste it in anywhere)
= Save Coordinates (You can save it, and it will be in .txt files in your scripts folder)

Do not hesitate to comment or send me a message if there’s any bugs or things to be fixed.

Hope you enjoy ??


This mod is inspired by CruelMasterMC and smoka
Thanks to both of’em



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