Download Corpse Disposal Mod 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Remove Dead Bodies mod 1.0

Makes dead peds despawn after some 5 or 8 seconds idk rlly)
This affect only occurs during a wanted level of 3 stars or higher
Peds scripted to be persistent will also despawn (which might make some Missions unplayable as i didn’t test it with that, what it should remove is if you placed some NPCs using some another mod, if your wanted level is 3 or higher, then those corpses should be removed regardless if IsPersistent set to true)

Bugs and other minor stuff:
Sometimes if a ped dies, they are quickly removed. There is probably nothing i can do except increase the interval (peds also arent removed one by one currently, as all peds will be removed after the interval)

Drop the scripts folder inside the mod to D:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto V

Scripthook V
ScriptHook V .NET
.NET Framework 4.8

p.s pls dont download thinking it will enhance your game, it will not or maybe idk but i was testing some scripts and felt like making the mod public

* Changed interval to make corpses/dead peds be removed bit slower



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