Download Country shirt for girls for MP Female 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Country shirt for girls for MP Female 1.0

Comfortable country shirt for girls.
The model is taken from the Sims 4 game and made by me specifically for GTA 5.
The geometry of this model is closed.

Installation for SP:
1.Place jbib files to D:Grand Theft Auto Vmodsx64v.rpfmodelscdimagesstreamedpeds_mp.rpfmp_m_freemode_01
2. Replace your jbib with ones you don’t need.

Installation for FiveM:
1. First, read how GTAUtil works:
2. After you read everything, you need to put jbib in a specific slot in your folder.
3. When you have finished steps 1 and 2, you need to compile all your clothes and then put them on the server.

1.1: Made womens country shirt with LOD (high, med, low). Made in 12 shirt colors.
The model is made only for mp_f_freemode_01.
1.2: …

Also, you can contact me on the discord if you have any questions: ??????????????????#5782
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