I’m sure everyone who has played GTA V has realized how broken and anti-fun the police can be. This is a mod that attempts to solve all the problems with them while going a little further and enhancing their spawns, the crime and witness system and lots more.



-Most crimes (or all of them if you’re using the optional file) will now require people to have to call the police on you. This means stealth is now possible, stop them dialing 9-11 and you can kill without worry.
-Stealth in general has been improved. Silencers will reduce the chance of people hearing your gunshots, people won’t have super human hearing and sight and stealth melee kills are very under the radar.

-Overhauled all enemy AI to be less accurate and skillful. Gunfights will be a lot more enjoyable without being too easy, enemy accuracy scales with the type of NPC. GANG/POLICE/SWAT/ARMY and whether they are in a helicopter, rolling, running or if their target is driving at high speed.
-One star means one police patrol. It works that way in real life, they don’t go all in at the drop of a phone call.
-Female police, lots of new enforcement spawns including the police bike, buffalo, intruder, stanier, army mesas, barracks and crusaders, cargobob, savage and many many more.
-Realistic and enhanced cop responses at each level with the progression [POLICE – POLICE – SWAT – FIB – ARMY]
-No Army version with FIB at 5 stars [POLICE – POLICE – POLICE – SWAT – FIB]
-Increases time at wanted levels. Takes more cop killings to go up a star. (Vanilla threshold version also available)
-Reduces the time it takes to lose cops when hiding (Vanilla time version also available)
-Stops animals reporting crime (Serious)
-Better police weapon loadouts thanks to Yard1
-Police helicopters will now take two minutes (at least) to respawn after being destroyed
-Police will no longer know where you are automatically and will only move towards your last seen position. All helicopters and the army will move towards where you are still but are not magicians, you can still hide.
-NPCs will take longer to dial 9-11
-Police will prefer to take cover and flank rather than rush at you. SWAT, Army and Gang members will still rush your position.
-Hidden evasion timers will now kick in even if the players vehicle is not moving.
-Lots of optional files and options including: Police on street, less aggressive npcs, vanilla thresholds and evasion timers and more.
-Police now require direct line of sight and will prefer to spawn near your last known position
-Tweaks to vehicle speeds of enforcement to balance the above changes


-Conflicts with Refined Weapons and Gunplay’s AI Changes “combatbehaviour.meta”. Otherwise works fine, I recommend using mine over his with this mod due to it being balanced around my changes.
-Works with PlasticTangerines Tank and Lazer spawning ASIs. If you his dispatch file you will just have regular police spawning up until 5 stars and not have the evasion timer tweaks etc.

-Better Police Spawning, Army at 5 stars dispatch file.
-Anything that edits the AI skills, loadouts, crime and witness information.
-Cops on the beat mod. I have my own popcycle.dat included. Mine has less police. Use his if you want more police on the street and patrols in the country.
-Better Gang Loadouts. Use the compatible version, located with the download.
-Conflicts with GTA Realism/RDE police changes. If you prefer CPRE over the police changes in RDE/Realism I recommend using the popcycle from Realism and all other files except the conflicting files for a nice blend between the two.


Mod Showcase:


1. Navigate to “Grand Theft Auto Vupdateupdate.rpf” Make a backup of this whole file somewhere safe.
2. Using OpenIV, enable Edit Mode navigate to “update.rpfcommondataai” and drag and drop combatbehaviour.meta, pedaccuracy.meta, witnessinformation.meta, loadouts.meta, crimes.meta and crimeinformation.meta
3. Using OpenIV, navigate to “update.rpfcommondata” Drag and drop dispatch.meta, navcapabilities.meta & pedperception.meta
4. Using OpenIV, navigate to “update.rpfcommondatalevelsgta5”. Drag and drop vehicles.meta
5. Using OpenIV, naviagate to “update.rpfx64datatune” Drag and drop dispatchtuning.ymt, wantedtuning.ymt and generaltasks.ymt
6. See the readmes in some of the optional file folders for information on installing those.

Download Links:

 v1.402 (current)Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1587406466