Download Criminal Russia V [Addon | DLC] [BETA] – Screenshots and Description:

Criminal Russia V [Addon | DLC] [BETA]

Hi guys!

GTA V:Criminal Russia [RAGE] project..
Full Map Convert from Global mod Criminal Russia for GTA:SA by CR Team.

The map will be as DLC/Addon to San Andreas.

Set-up Advanced draw distance at medium or higher ! or the parts of map will be not visible!

P.P.S in this version no lods and vegetation , only 1 lod done, because i have little problems with that….

Install : add “criminal_russia” folder to “update/x64/dlcpacks”
dlcpacks:criminal_russia – in dlclist.xml
No boundary limits needed!


Mishka Volkav -Convert.
Aleksey Kostenko -support and help.
Roman Azotov A.K.A Azot – Promoted this project on YouTube / support
TheInsaneKiller -Promoted this project
Dekurwinator – Map DLC/support and help
CR Team – Map
Prosvet Team – Map
GTAMaps Team – Map
Russian Reality Team – Map
KeyWest – ScreenShots / Gameplay footage
ViktorMor – Screenshots




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