The article discusses a pack of custom poses for scene making. The poses can be installed by using Jennie’s custom anims mod add-on folder and dragging the .ycd files to the [email protected] file. There is also an installation guide for FiveM Users. The changelog includes updates to [email protected]_crooks. The credits go to crunchycat, Skylumz/Sollumz, ClearDesigns, Hanako, and Youtube for providing files, tutorials, and teaching how to make custom animations. The file size of the mod is 70 KB.

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Crunchy Custom Poses V1.1

Crunchy Custom Poses V1.1

A pack of custom poses for scene making.

How to install:

1. Use Jennie’s custom anims mod add-on folder.

2. Drag the .ycd files to [email protected] file.

3. Put the line from the readme file to menyoostuff/favoriteanims.xml

For FiveM Users there’s an installation guide on the readme file.

1.0 initial release
1.1 updated the anim@arrest_crooks


Skylumz/Sollumz: Blender plugin
ClearDesigns: controller rig tool
Hanako: providing some files and tutorial
Youtube: for teaching me how to make custom anim

Download mod

File File size
Crunchy Custom Poses
70 KB

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Crunchy Custom Poses V1.1
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