The content is about a custom animations pack called Custom Animations Pack 1.0. It provides YCD files that can be used with OpenIV. The installation process involves dragging and dropping the YCD files into the specified folder. There is also a notepad included in the file that should be read and placed in another folder. The size of the mod file is 16 MB. The credits for the pack go to a user named pastelnaprozis.

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Custom Animations Pack 1.0

Custom Animations Pack 1.0

Use OpenIV for drag YCD files


Just Drag and Drop the YCD files in there

GTAV mods x64c anim ingame [email protected]

You will also have a notepad inside winrar it is important to read it and put it inside menyooStuffFavouriteAnims



Download mod

File File size
Custom Animations Pack 1.0
16 MB

Here are five similar mods that are commonly compared with the Table Custom Animations Pack 1.0 Mod:

1. Furniture Animation Mod: This mod allows players to animate furniture and objects in the game, similar to Table Custom Animations Pack. It offers a variety of animations and customization options for furniture placement and movement.

2. Decocraft Mod: Decocraft is a popular mod that adds a wide range of decorative items and animated props to the game. Players can use these items to enhance the aesthetics of their Minecraft world by adding animated furniture, statues, and other interactive objects.

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3. Animated Player Mod: Unlike Table Custom Animations Pack, Animated Player Mod focuses on enhancing the animations of the player character. It adds more realistic and dynamic movements to the player, such as walking, jumping, and swimming. It also includes customizable options to adjust animation speed and style.

4. Mo’ Bends Mod: Mo’ Bends Mod improves the character animation system in Minecraft. It introduces new animations for various activities like running, sprinting, and attacking, making the movements of the player and mobs more fluid and lifelike. This mod also allows players to customize the animation settings.

5. Emoticons Mod: Emoticons Mod adds facial expressions and gestures to the player character, similar to Table Custom Animations Pack. It provides a wide range of emoticons and symbols that players can trigger using simple keyboard commands. This mod enhances the communication options in multiplayer games and adds a fun element to gameplay.

Ultimately, the choice between these mods would depend on the specific features and animations desired by the player. It is recommended to review the details and user reviews of each mod to find the one that best suits individual preferences and gameplay goals.
Custom Animations Pack 1.0
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