Nuclear Narwhal’s Ferrari V12 sound mod! Have experience with this excellent Mod. Don’t forget let me know you thought !


A custom sound mod with sounds from Assetto Corsa and GTA V.
I tried to make a Ferrari-esque note with an emphasis on a higher pitch in the higher rev range. The result sounds quite good, especially when flooring it.
I’ll be working on more of these for various cars.


1. Open OpenIV and go to GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > mpchristmas2018 > dlc.rpf > x64 >audio > sfx

2. In the top right corner of OpenIV, click on New, and then go down and click on “Import OpenFormats”

3. Select the italigto.oac file included in the download folder.

4. Find a car’s vehicles.meta file in its dlc.rpf. Ctrl+F and search for “audio”

5. Delete whatever is in between the audioNameHash brackets and replace it with ITALIGTO, ie:


6. Spawn the car using your favorite trainer and go wild!




Enjoy 🙂

Link Download :