Download Custom Keyboard Handling for Renault4 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Custom Keyboard Handling for Renault4 1.0

Made for this particular car, use with keyboard, download the original and replace with my 2 files.

RENAULT 4 [Add-On / Replace | LODS] 1.1

This handling is designed for fun. So the suspension is soft and has little traction to take some scares in the corners and when dodging cars, luckily I was able to drive one of these in real life and it’s pure fun…

It is GTA 5, we like the power and speed so Max speed 220 kms/h and the essential horses to move it comfortably without exaggeration FWD 100%

I’m tuning the steering wheel version, I will put the 2 versions in the next upload of this file.


Anxo Rh

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