The Custom Pose Pack 1.0 is a mod that contains 5 custom poses. To install the mod, users need to install addonprops and then drop the .ycd animation file into prop.rpf. They also need to add the animation code from the .txt file to their menyoostuff > favoriteanims.xml. The animation pack is credited to Nhyza and can be downloaded with a file size of 57 KB.

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Custom Pose Pack 1.0

Custom Pose Pack 1.0

contains 5 custom poses

– install addonprops
– drop the .ycd animation into prop.rpf
– add the animation code of the .txt to your menyoostuff > favouriteanims.xml

Animation: Vogue Victims



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57 KB

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1. Custom Pose Player Mod: The Custom Pose Player Mod is another popular mod that allows players to add custom poses to their game. However, unlike the Table Custom Pose Pack 1.0 Mod, it does not come with pre-made poses. Players will need to create or download their desired poses separately and then use the mod to access and apply them in the game.

2. Pose Player Mod: The Pose Player Mod is a simpler version of the Custom Pose Player Mod. It only allows players to apply pre-made poses without the option to create or personalize them. While it is a convenient option for players who do not want to create their poses, it may lack the variety and customization options provided by the Table Custom Pose Pack 1.0 Mod.

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3. Animated Woohoo Mod: The Animated Woohoo Mod is a popular mod that adds more realistic animations and interactions between Sims during intimate moments. While it does not specifically focus on poses, it enhances the overall gameplay experience by providing more dynamic and realistic animations.

4. Photostudio Mod: The Photostudio Mod is a mod that allows players to create and capture custom screenshots of their Sims. It provides various tools and options for players to set up scenes, adjust lighting, and apply different effects. While it does not directly incorporate poses, players can combine it with the Table Custom Pose Pack 1.0 Mod to create custom scenes with their desired poses.

5. Modeling Poses Mod: The Modeling Poses Mod focuses specifically on providing a wide range of poses for players to use in their game. It offers a variety of different poses suitable for modeling and showcasing clothing or accessories. However, it may lack the additional features and customization options found in the Table Custom Pose Pack 1.0 Mod.

Overall, the Table Custom Pose Pack 1.0 Mod stands out through its combination of pre-made poses, customization options, and ease of use. It provides players with a large variety of poses to choose from, the ability to customize them to their liking, and a user-friendly interface for seamless integration into the game.
Custom Pose Pack 1.0
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