One of the coolest aspects of Grand Theft Auto V is that you can customize pretty much any and every aspect of the game. From appearance to gameplay style to cars – you name it, there’s a mod out there for it. A huge genre of these mods centers around making characters in GTA V that are similar to those found in comic books by Marvel and DC Comics.

We’re talking superhero mods, of course, and they not only change GTA V in drastic ways but they’re also some of the most fun game modifications out there. 

Today we’re talking about the CW The Flash Characters Pack (Addon Ped Version), a mod for Grand Theft Auto V that puts you the lightning fast shoes of none other than the Flash, DC’s super-fast character that is on the side of justice. We’re going to talk about some of the mod’s features as well as how well it works and whether or not it is right for you.

This mod includes The Flash, Reverse Flash and Zoom, all characters directly from CW’s show of the same name. They are modeled faithfully and resemble the actors that represent them on the show. In terms of how they play, each one has their own unique powers and play styles so don’t just think they are reskins of one another.

Each character on offer plays differently but the core rules of the mod around each remains the same. Developed not only for fans of the show but for regular gamers, CW The Flash Characters Pack (Addon Ped Version) is really a lot of fun and should attract people who know nothing else about it other than it is something that really changes GTA V’s gameplay in fundamental but fun ways.


If you’re not familiar with the Flash and how he might change Grand Theft Auto V in big ways we’ll tell you a little bit about DC’s classic character. His central conceit is that he can run at the speed of light which gives him amazing powers to outwit and outmaneuver enemies. Most attacks in this mod are momentum based but, be warned, when you are standing still the Flash can take substantial damage.

Nothing else about GTA V changes – the cops still pursue you, things still explode, innocent bystanders get run over, and so on and so forth. 

What makes all of this really fun is that, technically, the Flash and his friends are unstoppable if you keep moving forward. You can cause chaos in GTA V on a level you have previously never considered and it’s all in good-old-fashioned superhero fun.

Maybe you want to be a vigilante and stop crime or maybe you want to be the bad guy yourself – CW The Flash Character Pack (Addon Ped Version) leaves the choice up to you. We recommend it for any player that enjoys superhero games and properties and wants the chance to relive that in GTA V.



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