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Dam Hide 1.0

Do you really need to ‘getaway’ for awhile? Sudden business or social troubles giving you cause to ‘drop out of sight?’ Don’t worry, Infinity Group has just the place for you to ‘make yourself scarce’ in a secluded, yet secure location that doesn’t require you to literally ‘go to ground!’

For the suddenly ‘shy and reclusive’ business person or celebrity, try the ‘Dam Hide’! This cozy, but well-equipped ‘safe-area’ is the last place anyone would look for you! Just a few minutes drive from Mirror Park, the Dam Hide sits atop the City Reservoir Dam. Fitted with two-way bulletproof windows, a hardened interior and a secure hatch for entry and exit nobody’s getting in or out alive!

Once tucked away inside the Dam Hide, you can rest easy and continue your work in comfort and security! With a small bedroom, half-bathroom, office area with full internet access, television and a fully stocked half kitchen, you can hunker down for the ‘duration’ or until those pesky ‘statute of limitations’ run out!

Now available for purchase or rent (power utilities included) contact your nearest Infinty Group Representative today…while you still can!

Map Builder 2.2.3 or Discovery

copy the ‘Dam Hide’XML file and place it into Menyoo’s ‘Spooner’ file.

Known Bugs:

Note: When standing at the hatch, the camera will make the view pass into the ceiling and partially expose the interior. I’ve tried to fix this but GTA….
There is a crate that randomly appears in the kitchen. There’s no reason for it to be there. I will get rid of it in a later update. Until then, just use menyoo spooner to delete it.

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