Download Danish Mechanic Midt by [FiveM/Singleplayer] [Menyoo] 0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Danish Mechanic Midt by [FiveM/Singleplayer] [Menyoo] 0.1

I made a new map a mechanic map!
And this is my first map i made and i like it!
Its for mechanic so they have ther own place to bee and they have their own eating place!
And they have a bag with guns ?? and they have 2 laptops and their own office its a nice office it is actually really big but you cant se it and i was trying to built an danish mechanic place but it didn’t go that good soo now you now that i was trying to built an danish mechanic place.


Installation Instructins (Also included in the download)
Menyoo: Open the Menyoo folder in the file you just downloaded from me and drag and drop that file in to the spooner file in the menyoostuff folder.

FiveM YMAP: Drag and drop the YMAP File in the FiveM YMAP folder in this mod in to your stream folder.



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