This file contains three audio files that you can install for your collection of sirens if you like.

There is already a Danish police siren package out on GTA5 mods, but this package here contains two files with a different tone than those found in the other (good) package from the site.
In addition, there is an audio file similar to the one in the other package, but there is still a little difference …

All audio files are edited by Ande300, and the audio files come from various clips from YouTube. See reference in the file.

Danish unmarked police siren V1.0 - 3

To make the audio files work properly, and with the other package, I have chosen to use other “slots” for the audio files. Therefore, you must enter the following in your loved one’s setup:

Otherwise, watch the following YouTube clips so you can hear what the sound is like. That way you can also assess whether it is something you want or not.

I hope you like it, and if you can, throw a body and rate, if you don’t like it, then you also know what to do. Finally, give feedback.


Remember that if you download the audio files and upload, refer to the place you downloaded it from. If you can help make the audio files better, then I would appreciate my name being mentioned …


Danish unmarked police siren V1.0 - 1

Danish unmarked police siren V1.0 - 2

Danish unmarked police siren V1.0 - 4

Danish unmarked police siren V1.0 - 5


Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download :

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