Download Dante From DMC 5 (w/Cloth) and Devil Sword – “Sparda” 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Dante From DMC 5 (w/Cloth) and Devil Sword - "Sparda" 1.0

Roll The Intro Kid:
“Oh, Brother. You Cut Off Your Own Son’s Arm, And You Still Lost.” – Devil May Cry 5

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2020 was an odd ball of a year, but I’m Happy with where it got me. I’m thankful for you guys and this community.
I recently had a playthrough of DMC 5 and as always Dante ended up catching my eye. So here we are, Dante from DMC 5 with his Father’s sword, DEVIL SWORD SPARDA!! Had Diabolical amounts of fun with this guy!

Also any extra peds you see fighting dante are all available on my Patreon. But Dante is our main man here.
Used some extra techniques on this one to make it look cooler, hope you guys enjoy!!

And as I always say make VIDEOS, MACHINIMAS and all that Glorious stuff, gameplay anything really and add it to the post with the Add Video button, really helps make an impression.

Bugs and features:
As I always say, I’ve tried to get rid of bugs as best as I can. But any and all suggestions are welcome in the comments ??

AND FEATURES: EMMISIVE EFFECTS, ITS SPIDER-MAN (yeah thats a feature) and well enhanced ps4 textures (yeah I enhanced those too, call me crazy!)

Installation: (Ped)
(through add-on peds)
2.Place the files from the archive to updatex64dlcpacksaddonpedsdlc.rpfpeds.rpf
3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add model in the list(check ReadMe for AddonPeds).

Installation: (script)
For the sword play, I requested JulioNIB (shoutout to him, LEGENDARY dude) to make some subtle adjustments to his Thanos mod,

1. so you can now disable all infinity stones on the character and only use the sword by pressing 1.

2. You can now use normal GTA game weapons while the Thanos mod is active…..just like Dante and others from DMC..

3. You can now use some specific stones from the 6 infinity stones.

All the above stuff is configurable in the ini, if you need any help or specific settings just message me, I’ll edit the ini and send a new ini to you. By default in my ini all stones are turned off.

The suit.ini in the archive is to be installed as a suit for the Thanos mod :

Just install the mod as instructed and drop the suit_Dante.ini in : “Grand Theft Auto_VScriptsThanos script filesSuits”

For the sword, it replaces the crowbar weapon : modsupdatex64dlcpackspatchday3ngdlc.rpfx64modelscdimagesweapons.rpf

if any problems installing, just let me know and I’ll help out, alternatively just join discord and I can share my screen and help you out with the install ??

Version Log:
v1 : Base ped with emissive effects.


TheFuumaSage for being the best mentor, teacher and friend one can ever have. I’m more grateful to this guy than I can ever express.
MTN4456 for being my partner in crime for the ages.
HUGE thanks to all my patrons over at patreon who have been supporting my work, these guys have helped me improve my work majorly even within the short time we’ve known each other.
JulioNIB for making the craziest scripts.


The Darth Knight

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