If you watched Dave Chappelle’s second Netflix special, “The Age of Spin”, you might have also caught a few jokes he made about 29-year-old Daphne Dorman. He mentions that she is the daughter of his old friend, Andrew. In some of his stand up bits, Dave makes fun of Andrew and says that he doesn’t trust people who name their daughters something so “weird”. He then goes on to say a variety of other things about her family members. Read ahead for more details if you are interested in the latest updates on this situation. There are no shortage of opinions regarding Dave Chappelle and Daphne Dorman; many viewers seem to think it was inappropriate for him to make fun of her as much as he did during the special. Others feel like this is just comedy and that everyone should be used to it by now. Have a look at what has been said so far below: read more daphne dorman chappelle

Who Is Daphne Dorman?

Daphne Dorman is a 29-year-old artist who was named after her grandmother. Dave Chappelle first made jokes about her while he was on the “Tonight Show” back in February. Chappelle was a guest on the show when he shared that he once went on a date with Dorman but she took it as a “sneak attack” because he wasn’t upfront about how long he’d known her father. Chappelle then continued to make more jokes about Dorman during his Netflix special, “The Age of Spin”, which was released on April 23. However, many viewers thought he went too far this time, making fun of her appearance, sexuality and even the language used on her website.

What Was Said During Dave Chappelle’s Stand Up Special?

Here are some of the jokes Jake Chappelle made during his stand up special about Daphne Dorman and her family. “Oh yeah, Daphne Dorman. Daphne Dorman, you know who Daphne Dorman is? …She’s the daughter of my old friend Andy Dorman…It’s a weird name. …I don’t trust people who name their daughters something weird. …I’ve got some advice for you if you’re going to name your daughter something weird. …Have her grow up with a weird last name too. …Like, ‘Hi, I’m Daphne Dorman.’ …‘Dude, what?’ …Or have her grow up to be a famous person who everybody already knows. …‘Whoa.’”

Dave Chappelle’s Response To Critics: It’s Just Comedy

Many people have said that the jokes Chappelle made about Dorman’s family being “crazy”, “weird”, and “dysfunctional” are based on his own insecurities and jealousy. Some have even said that it seems quite obvious he still has feelings for Dorman. Others say that, regardless of what his motivations were, Chappelle went too far and that he should be held accountable for making fun of Dorman as much as he did in his special. Chappelle’s response to these accusations is that he was just doing his job and telling jokes. Comedians are supposed to “push the envelope”, and he was just doing that during his stand up special. He also said that he was disappointed that the people who watched his special didn’t seem to understand the concept of comedy and the fact that he was just making jokes.

Daphne’s Family Member’s Response To The Jokes

Dorman’s brother, David, has responded to the jokes made about his family during the Netflix special. He said that he thinks the jokes were “misinformed” and that they were based on “faulty information”. He said that his family loves Chappelle and that they’re not “crazy” like he made them sound. He also said that he doesn’t want people to think that the family is “weird” just because Chappelle thinks so. David Dorman said that the jokes were “unnecessary” and that he hopes Chappelle doesn’t make the same jokes about other people in the future.

Final Words

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