Download Darnell Warehouse [Menyoo/Ymap] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Darnell Warehouse [Menyoo/Ymap] 1.0

Darnell is a warehouse in the industrial part of LS. The warehouse was used for storage mechanical work and manufacturing

This build has no custom props and should be able to be added to any map.

.Car Lift
.Car parts
.Manufacturing machines like CNC and lathes
.Racking with boxes and other goods
.Pump trucks and pallets
.Comes with 2 map files, one with a full warehouse and the other empty

1. Have menyoo installed
2. Put the file into “menyooStuff/Spooner”
3. go into spooner mode and located “manage saved files”
4.Find “Galaxy Clothe Store” in the list and load the file
5. Enjoy your new shop

There are 2 different versions of the warehouse one is empty and the other one is full. The warehouse can be customized to your needs if you don’t like the current interior



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