The Asea was originally made for the GTA Universe (now known as Risky Miles) project. But due to the project hitting a stand still with no known future in sight, this car that was once made exclusively for GTA Universe has now been released to the public, hope ya’ll enjoy the mod.


A Custom version of the Declasse Asea, modified by Dan’s Auto Manufacturing.

Custom tuning parts.
Custom Wheels (Chrome Tuner Wheels Section)


(OpenIV is needed) OpenIV Link:

1. Start OpenIV
2. Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks
3. Create a new folder called “stew_aseac”
4. Then drop the provided DLC.rpf file into that folder.
5. Then go to Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata and add “<Item>dlcpacks:stew_aseac</Item>” to the dlclist.xml
(make sure to activate edit mode otherwise you won’t be able to edit the code)

Spawn the Declasse Asea Custom via a mod menu with this spawn name: “aseac”


– You CANNOT use the parts/models from this car on your own car. Mods that i catch with these modkit parts used will be reported and taken down.

– This mod uses Modkit id: 610


Thank you for downloading Declasse Asea Custom.

Please report any bugs you find to 13Stewartc on the mods page.


Link Download: