After working in the Lenco Bearcat CTU pack I though it was a good idea to do the same with the police vehicles that appear as decoration in R6S maps. 
This is a Police Pack inspired on various Rainbow Six Siege police cars that can be found in different maps. Every car represents a police force from around the world but some of them with the Rainbow Six Siege design. 
Some of the cars featured in this pack have 1 variant at least, the original (which are closer to the real life design) and a new one (maybe due to some legal image issues with Ubisoft). 
The american police design are mostly based on the LAPD so I decided to make it more Lore Friendly by including it as a LSPD design (pretty much like my Lenco Bearcat pack). 
The french police version is the Ubisoft version, the more realistic version, seen in the old Chalet map version, will be added at some point as well as the russian police. 
The model itself comes from the Declasse Premier Minipack by 11john11 (team credited down below), I tried to change the lightbar but my Zmodeler had some issues with a mod I tried to make so I ended up leaving the original lightbar on and instead change some carcols features to make the siren lights blue on some models. 


10 Declasse Premier Classic with the following designs:
-South African Police Service (South Africa, seen in Consulate)
-Los Santos Police Department (3 variants) (USA, seen in Bank, Oregon and House)
-Polizei (2 variants) (Germany, seen in Clubhouse and Kanal)
-Metropolitan Police (UK, seen in Plane)
-Police Nationale (France, seen in Consulate (modern rework))
-Cuerpo Nacional de Policia (2 variants) (Spain, seen in Coastline)

-Added a 4th variant of US Police (seen in Barlett University)
-Added POLICE sign on the trunk of the white US Police variant

-Added Politsiya variant (only 1 version, as seen in Kafe Dostoyevsky)

-Updated all Ubi’s modern designs (the ones with the stripe)
-New Police Nationale variant seen in the original Chalet map (Before update)
-Updated Police Nationale Logo made by me inspired by the one seen in-game
-Changed position of some decals in the African Police Service Premier

-Rockstar Games: original car model and parts.
-Thundersmacker: Premier Classic
-IVPack team:GTA V conversion
-Aquamenti: mapping
-Unopieco: original version of the lightbar
-Vx5 Voltage: small edit of the lightbar that adds the transparent middle part
-Netman: inspiration and parts from the sirensetting
-FCVP71: some small bits of textures for the police computer
-Razor792: UK texture templates for the back of the Metropolitan Police version
-Ubisoft: Design


-Copy the extracted folder into your dlcpacks folder and add “R6Cops” in your dlclist.xml using OPENIV




-I know the model isn’t the same as in the Ubisoft world but this is the one I liked the most for this project 
-Do not complain about design, the livery is basically Ubi’s design 
-Forget about realism, the cars are as they are featured in the game

Link Download :