Download Decrepit Bridge {MenyooYMAP}{WIP} 0.8 – Screenshots and Description:

Decrepit Bridge {MenyooYMAP}{WIP} 0.8

Unimpressed with other bridges connecting Grapeseed to Sandy Shores across the Alamo Sea I made this one. Attempted to make it look old and worn to match the aesthetic of Sandy Shores. This is a work in progress.

Installation instructions included in readme.

Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter by sollaholla for the custom maps folder or Menyoo by MAFINS to load the map.
OpenIV by OpenIVTeam to install the files to the appropriate locations.

As this is a WIP (need to add support columns beneath the bridge), feel free to edit or add anything to this as long as I’m credited. If anyone wants to add traffic paths your welcome to do so. That’s something which is beyond my own capabilities.



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