Download [DEV] Live GearShift Display on Speedometer – Screenshots and Description:

[DEV] Live GearShift Display on Speedometer

Here is a method of getting the gearshift display on the digital cluster of your vehicle w/out any scripts or trainers..

** Imp. points to keep in mind
– The correct display of the current gear depends on the UV map of the numbers and the vehicle’s handling data.
– If your vehicle’s handling data resembles a sedan or a slower car, you might have to adjust the UV accordingly.
– Before adjusting the UVs first decide the handling data of your vehicle and check in-game at what speed the different gear changes.
– Usual gearshift patterns for a typical sport/super car :
• 1st gear: 1-30 (mph)
• 2nd: 30 – 60
• 3rd: 60 – 80
• 4th: 80 – 100
• 5th: 100 -120
• 6th: 120 – 180
– I have included a reference dials texture in .z3d file for easy UV mapping.
– If you are satisfied with shifting patterns, put all the 7 objects (N to 6) at the top of the hierarchy just below chassis.
– Don’t attach the numbers to one another in zmodeler, all the 7 objects should be positioned as it is while exporting.
– You can also put all the 7 objects under dials compound, doing this will cause the game to display the gears only when player enters the vehicle.
– this example is made only for “script_rt_dials_race” texture, so you will have to change your vehicle’s default dials to this one..