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Dial Accuracy Fix v1.0

Dial Accuracy Fix
Script that allows customizing dashboard speedometer and RPM values. Mostly intended to fix wrong speedometer mapping on add-on vehicles.

* Grand Theft Auto V
* ScriptHookV
* DashHook

Extract `DialAccuracyFix.asi` and the `DialAccuracyFix` folder into the main GTA V folder.

Vehicle models can be added to the `DialAccuracyFix/settings.ini` file.
Configs can be reloaded by entering reloaddaf in the cheat console.

The cheat can be re-assigned in the settings file.

An example of an entry:

SpeedScale = 1.1225
SpeedOffset = 0.0
RPMScale = 1.40
RPMOffset = 0.0

* Section is the model name
* SpeedScale multiplies the current speed
* SpeedOffset adds a constant to the current speed, in MPH
* RPMScale multiplies the current RPM
* RPMOffset adds a constant to the current RPM, in ratio: 0.1 adds 10%.

A selection of other cars have been included by default.

– The speedometer dial is still limited to its max of 200 MPH, so you can not extend the range.
– Digital speedometers are also scaled. Cars with both a digital speedometer and a faulty analog speedometer can’t have the two synced up. Contact the author for corrections.



* alloc8or – Core DashHook functions
* Eddlm – Script name!

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