Download Diamond Casino Props (For DanTheMan Mod) 0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Diamond Casino Props (For DanTheMan Mod) 0.1

This mod adds several Props to his arcade to make it more lively Now if there are any glitches then that’s understandable because his mod in 0.1.1 early release so there probably will be some. This is also my first mod so it obviously will need some work.

You will need:
Diamond Casino Heist
NativeUI – Should’ve come with the script folder

Make sure you Load the placements before entering the arcade for the doors to not glitch.
To install go to Menyoo folder in GTA directory then go to Spooner folder then drag the XML file into said folder. When installed load trainer mp maps then load the props next in Spooner mode and find that file then load placements BEFORE ENTERING ARCADE



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