Get ready Los Santos, The Diamond Casino & Resort is now open, for too long has Las Venturas reigned as the premier casino city. You thought the Four Dragons Casino, and Caligula’s Palace were top game, then your in for a treat, that will leave your breathless, and broke

This add the casino to Singleplayer as a new DLC



    • You can change the Penthouse interior design through

Simple Trainer for GTA V

  • Working Navmesh
  • Correct LoDs, and SLoDs
  • Working LoDlights, and Distantlights
  • Very light-weight mod, expect very little FPS loss

1.1 Change-log

  • Much, much smaller download, and file size
  • Various ymap bug-fixes
  • Added Navmesh

Update 1.1 Does not need 1.0, so just install update 1.1

Future updates

  • Teleport markers into the various interiors
  • Minimap edits and fixes
  • Custom scenarios/events for the Casino interior, Penthouse interior, and around the Diamond Casino
  • Car gens for the underground parking, and parking lot
  • Various fixes and updates (including one of the missions, and traffic paths)

Big Thanks
Siprus Helped me out on the overall download size, and meta/xml edits (now only 20 kb in size) I highly recommend this mod by Siprus Map updates pack [SiprusPack]

Rockstar Games For the Casino, and the wonderful game
World of Variety by Cass Some of the screenshot contains content from World of Variety, I Really suggest using this mod!


  • Simple Trainer for GTA V Credits goes to sjaak327
  • HeapAdjuster Credits goes to Dilapidated
  • Gameconfig.xml Credits goes to Dilapidated
  • Packfile Limit Adjuster Credits goes to Unknown Modder

How to install

  • Copy all files in update.rpf folder in to “mods > update > update.rpf”

Warning! Do not enable MP maps. unless you want a huge hole in the map!!!




Hope you like it !

Link Download :