Download Dior & Kenny Scharf B23 For MP Male 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Dior & Kenny Scharf B23 For MP Male 1.0

Christian Dior & Kenny Scharf’s Official Limited edition B-23 High-Top Sneaker for MP male
Multicolor Resin Pearl Embroidery
4k Texture with visible beads for a original Rockstar model

“The B23 sneaker is part of the collaboration with the artist Kenny Scharf.
The design is the fruit of the House’s craftsmanship with an embroidered DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF
motif, the result of 140,000 multicolor resin pearls and 269 hours of work.
The style features the high-top sneaker’s timeless codes with its front laces and eyelets,
its white and beige rubber sole, its rounded and reinforced toe and rear tab.
Contrasting side details like the ‘DIOR’ signature embellish the shoe and it may be paired
with other DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF creations.” -DIOR

The price in real life is more than $8,000 (8 times more than regular Dior’s B23s)


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