This is a 2014 Dodge Charger PPV ELS Model. The Mod make the car so impressive. I can turn away my look from the Model.


- Whelen Patriot Red / Blue Lightbar
- Whelen Dominator 8 Module Lightbar on rear with Traffic Adviser
- Whelen Dominator 4 Model on Front Bumper
- Whelen Dominaotr 6 Model 2 Light Pattern Style on Front Rambar
- Setina Rambar
- FBI Traffic Enforcement Skin
- Wigwags
- Whelen Dominator 2 Module on Partition Inside
- Partition inside Vehicle
- Low Poly
- High Quality




Remember you MAY not use this vehicle in a FiveM Community unless asking for permission 
If making a YT Video please credit if you use this vehicle

Link Download :