It's really a very simple vehicle, is not very detailed and has some minor errors. That's why I decided to leave it unlocked in case you want to contribute to finish it... Seats and steering wheels are blocked, You can report any problem with the car.

I want to thank Insvltaned and Marco Andre from Asyr0n for all their help given


Base Model: ForzaM4
Bodykit(s): ForzaM4
[If you are the owner of any of the parts used here and would like credit
please contact me. Thanks.]

- 3D Engine
- Front-wheel drive
- Breakeable glass
- Front Bumpers
- Rear Bumpers
- Spoilers
- Skirts
- Exhausts
- Rollcage
- Hoods
- Seats
- Steering wheels
- Head light
- Tail light
- Trunk


Go to: GTAVmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata
Extract dlclist.xml and add this line:
Go to: GTAVmodsupdatex64dlcpacks and make a new folder called srt4.
Drop the provided dlc.rpf there.

Also you can read the readme in the archive ! Thanks




Nice car, right, enjoy it 🙂

Link Download :