CES 2023 that took place in Las Vegas last week is definitely the most anticipated tech event in the whole. There have been several brand new gadgets, devices and technology that have been introduced at the event. Among all, this absolutely adorable Dog-E is probably the cutest thing that you have ever seen in your life. What is it and why do you need one right now?  

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Dogs are man’s best friends. Therefore, there is nothing to talk about the significance of these fluffy friends in our daily life. However, if you cannot keep up with the life of a dog owner, this robot dog might be a great option for you and any member of your family. It’s adorable and easy to take care of. Most importantly, you don’t have to clean its feces. It is also affordable enough so that you might easily get in without consideration. The tech toymaker WowWee introduced its latest model just a few days ago at the price of $80, making it one of the great options for people who are interested in tech toys and gadgets. It might be your pet at home or your kid’s new favorite toy. Let’s find out more about this coolest robot dog in the rest of this following post.  

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There are over 1 million combinations of lights, sounds and personality traits on this app-connected robot dog. Therefore, each dog is special and unique in its own way. You can take control of your dog simply through an app on your phone or other mobile devices. There are so many things that your kids might do with this dog toy. First and foremost, its colors and tail might be adjusted due to each’s own preference. Other than that, you can teach them to do tricks which are very interactive and hilarious to do. Its personality such as playful, hungry, fierce, lazy… might be controlled through the app. When you pet its head, it also responds.  

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Obviously, there is nothing that might replace a real dog. However, everyone including kids and adults can have some quality time playing with it. Especially when you are looking for a tech decoration in your kids’ bedroom. Now you can preorder this lovable toy on WowWee official website. Expectedly, the shipping time of this toy is in September 2023, before the holiday season. 

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